Please call 571-336-MATH (571-336-6284) - GET READY FOR THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR!

I want to be your personal math tutor in Fairfax County, Virginia. In home tutoring near Fairfax HS, W. T. Woodson HS, and Falls Church HS. 

Set up regular appointments for face-to-face tutoring.  SAT, ACT and SOL math tutoring is a specialty.  Or, for quick homework help, call for an immediate ONLINE tutoring session (when available).

Online tutoring also available outside of Fairfax.  Please call for details and an appointment.

Or you may also write to:

Specializing in math:

  * Summertime preview of new topics - Algebra I, Algebra II, etc.
  * SAT and ACT preparation
  * Algebra preparation for Virginia SOL testing
  * Geometry preparation for Virginia SOL testing
  * Summertime review in selected math topics
  * Pre-algebra mathematics
  * Home-school math help
  * All high school mathematics
Also specializing in computer science:

  * Computer science - programming in Java
  * Review for advanced placement computer science (in Java)

Please call 571-336-6284

John Mitchell  - Math and computer science teacher, retired, Fairfax High School, Fairfax, VA  22030